Welcome to Trusted Aged Care Cleaning
Based in Melbourne, Trusted Aged Care Cleaning is one of the most eminent aged care cleaning services, offering a wide range of high quality cleaning, including COVID 19 cleaning by specially trained and quality experts. Our experts would carry out spotless cleaning under the watchful eyes of the trained supervisors, to ensure perfection.

Our supervisors would carry out quality assurance inspection periodically, and carry out cleaning audits to ensure your 100% satisfaction. We have in place our very own, custom quality assurance procedure , which ensures that even the tiniest and the most trivial emerging issues are picked up, addressed and nipped in the bud before they take shape. And in case you want us to pay specailised attention to any emergency cleaning issue, our cleaners will respond immediately and address it. So you see, we offer a prompt service to address aged care cleaning issues, as and when they arise.

Why choose us?
We understand the challenges of aged care cleaning. We realise the extent of care and compassion that the job demands. Thus, we would appoint the best and the most experienced cleaning professional with a great deal of care and compassion in approach to do all the aged care cleaning on behalf of us.

Thus, Trusted Aged Care Cleaning is indeed the most trustworthy and vetted name in the business today. Since the very inception of our service, we have been meeting all the aged care cleaning needs of our clients with flying colours, regardless of how challenging that at times may be.

Thus, get in touch with us, and let us leave your aged care facility absolutely spick and span.