Adult care homes are responsible for caring for patients in the care environment and also make sure that the environment is highly maintained with proper hygiene and cleanliness.

Older adult facilities need top-notch cleaning environment because the aged are more prone to infection because of factors like weakened immune systems as well as chronic conditions. That is why adult care facilities need top-level standards of hygiene and cleanliness to mitigate the risk of infections spread among patients.

Everyone seems to think they know how to clean so cleaning workers just need to be shown where to clean and the expected time they are to spend doing the cleaning and so on.

Adult care cleaning is not a simple task. There are accidental and spill issues as well as the continuous concern of cross-contamination. There are various requirements for cleaning these facilities to service its purpose.

So, how can you know the best cleaning contract or package for adult care homes?

Today, we are going to take a look at the best cleaning contract for aged care facilities in Melbourne.

Best Cleaning Contract for Adult Care Homes

Cleaners may be one of the highly undervalued workers in an adult care home, but they continue to play a vital role, according to John Taylor, a cleaning specialist.

“Cleaners in adult care facilities are seen as friends and confidants by patients because they don’t want to bother medical workers with their daily personal needs,” Taylor speaks.

“Cleaning workers usually don’t look threatening, so it is popular for residents to share important information with their cleaner, who can pass it down the line for medical workers to address”.

However, cleaners are usually forgotten with training and updated techniques, while they need it most to deliver the best.

Professional cleaning company can be able to keep the conditions of an aged care home up to the standard of cleanliness when they have formalized cleaning steps and regular training.

Adult care homes should keep custodial guides as well as training that improves cleaning best practices.

Also, any omission in cleaning schedules can be filled through consistent cleaning routines’ audits.

There should be precise control on the hygiene program of the facility. Posting an organizational chart that shows the relationships between cleaning services and internal employees may also be helpful. It should also be made clear who is in charge of each cleaning schedule.

All these and many more qualities made up the best cleaning contract in aged care facilities.

Below is a list of what are expected of a good cleaning contract for aged care homes:

Record Keeping and Scheduling

Cleaning methods should not only be documented but each instance of completed cleaning activities too. When there is record maintenance, workers and supervisors will be able to make sure that all-important activities have been performed to the appropriate standards.

Cleaning workers should record when they completed each task and who did the work. In case there are problems, they should be recorded and moved to someone who can provide a solution to non-compliance.

For example, if cleaning products get reduced, the cleaning company’s manager should make sure those resources are replaced. Also, workers’ and residents’ complaints should be recorded and investigated to make sure full compliance and also to reduce risk to personal safety.

Cleaning Bathrooms and Other Water-Prone Areas

Cleaning bathrooms and other water-prone areas are basic parts of a good cleaning contract for aged care facilities. Areas often exposed to water have more chance of turning into breed grounds for bacteria. There must be at least one-time cleaning for an ensuite bathroom per day and frequent cleaning of public bathrooms. Together with the floors and walls, cleaners should sanitize sinks, tubs, toilets, washbasins, and showers.

Also, scrubbing should be performed on all fittings every day. Cleaners should start their cleaning routine in the cleanest areas to prevent the spreading of dust, dirt, and pathogens around.   

Disinfecting Surfaces

It is environmentally important to perform a thorough cleaning of surfaces (floors inclusive) of adult care homes. Surfaces can easily turn into homes for infectious pathogens, which can then affect other frequently touch objects.

For instance, if a handbag drops and touches the floor in a resident’s room and then touches the bed of another resident, this could lead to the transfer of germs from one area to another. The use of microfiber cloths that removes dust particles is active at mitigating the number of airborne particles in indoor places.

Vacuuming should only be done in rooms that have enough ventilation, for a similar reason. Also, surfaces should be wiped down using a neutral detergent and warm water, and then thoroughly rinsed to prevent residents from being exposed to chemicals. Special focus should be given to frequent-touch surfaces and items like dressers, doorknobs, windows, and beds.

Dry and Wet Mopping

Dry mopping is also referred to as dust mopping and should be performed before wet mopping. This order helps to reduce the risk of contamination from mop water before the cleaners are done with the cleaning of the room. Dry and wet mopping is highly beneficial when completed with the use of a microfiber mop head.

This type of mop head is effective at trapping particles and can be cleaned easily. Laundering microfiber cloths after every use is the best practice. You can use disposable microfiber products to perfectly clean spots with a greater risk of exposure to infectious pathogens.

Disinfecting Biohazards

Exposure to fluids from the body, such as vomit and blood can amplify the risk of infection. These types of spills should be disposed of and sanitized instantaneously to prevent the spread of disease. One of the best ways to get rid of such risk immediately and easily is by using specialized spill mops.

Liquids are converted into a gel by absorbent mop to prevent leaks. Immediately the hazardous material have been removed and properly disposed of in a labeled bin, the cleaning worker should disinfect the area and rinse with water.

Disposing of Waste

In adult care homes, cleaners will possibly face three types of waste: clinical, pharmaceutical, and general. General waste should be securely stored until it can collect and remove from the care home. Emptying the trash bins regularly will reduce the chance of exposure to bacteria. Clinical waste should often be kept in biohazard bags and disposed of in specialized labeled bins.

One-use sharps should be disposed into sharps containers and disposed of as stated by Australian standard AS 4031-1992. Pharmaceutical materials that are not used or remain should be returned to a pharmacy for the right disposal. 

Laundry and Equipment Maintenance

Resident linens should be replaced every week or when dirty. There should be separate bins to store dirty linens until they are sent to the laundry. Linens should not be rinsed or sorted in resident areas. Also, highly soiled linen must be carefully bagged to prevent leaks.

Cleaning equipment must be disinfected and sanitized day by day. Mop buckets should be properly cleaned and rinsed after use. Also, mop heads should be washed and dried before being used again.  

Personal Protection and Hand Hygiene

Cleaning staff should understand the risks that come with their job duties and responsibilities when it comes to cleaning contract for aged care facilities. Cleaning crew should put on personal protective equipment when they are working with potentially hazardous substances.

Putting on face masks, gloves, and eye protection can prevent any infection from spreading. Also, it can prevent any exposure to chemicals used for cleaning. Cleaning workers should always wash their hands and especially before they make contact with residents.  

Cleaning Schedules, Equipment, Chemicals, and Methods

There are different published cleaning schedule and cleaning equipment usage, chemicals as well as cleaning methods recommendations in a health care environment. These include profiling of risk functional areas in adult care homes and making sure that cleaning schedules, techniques, equipment, as well as chemicals are perfect for each room, fixture, surface area, as well as the environment inside your facility.

Your cleaning arrangement is performed by dedicated cleaning workers and their work is inspected every week through spot checks done by the account manager, and also your cleaning arrangement is audited every month by our dedicated employees as inspectors.

These inspections and audits make sure cleaning workers are standard on hygiene and cleanliness in your adult care home and guarantee your total satisfaction with the hygiene as well as cleanliness of your adult care facility.

Our Reputable Adult Care Cleaning Service in Melbourne

Keeping the appearance and cleanliness of an adult care home is difficult. It is a site where people live, prepare food, receive medical care, and is available 7 days a week. All this pressure shows that it is important that you have full confidence in your cleaning service providing a consistent, top-quality cleaning standard on time, all the time, and at the best price.

With adult residents, who have more susceptibility to infection and ill-health than the rest of the populace, there is no entertaining error as regards keeping up with standards. Your reputation and accreditation are hanging on it.

With Trusted Aged Care Cleaning, we work closely with adult care homes to make sure our cleaning services are provided in the best and satisfactory way with a commitment to quality.

We take proper care and not just assign cleaning workers but those who are respectful, polite, compassionate, and understanding of the unique needs and setting of the adult care home. Being a large-scale on-going and specialized cleaning services provider, Trusted Aged Care Cleaning is also able to offer different types of additional cleaning services as required, such as:

  • Infection control cleans from ceiling-to-floor (on brief notice)
  • Vinyl floor resurfacing Steam
  • Cleaning of food-grade kitchen
  • Window cleaning (any height)
  • Tile and grout steam cleaning
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Pest control
  • And much more.

Contact us for details about our services.