Aged care homes will always need a good cleaning company. When you are handling the cleaning of an adult care setting, cleanliness is very important to the general well-being of the patients, and the way cleaning is performed will have a great effect on the facility’s efficiency, quality, as well as patient satisfaction.

In aged care facilities, cleaning requirements are different and need the services of a professional cleaning company that has the relevant expertise to maintain a high level of cleanliness as well as hygiene in an aged care setting.

When searching for the best cleaning service for aged care, one can easily get overwhelmed with too much information. Going round websites, obtaining quotes, and contacting each service provider could take longer times, weeks in some cases.

Even at that, you may still not be sure if you are getting the value for your money or not. So, to guide you in the house cleaning business, we will share helpful tips on how adult care facilities pick their cleaning company.

Here, you will learn the qualities to look for in a trustworthy aged cleaning service, the best times to hire them, and how to lower the price of your cleaning services.

Five Important Factors to Check when Cleaning Adult Care Facilities:

1. Daytime Cleaning Quality

There must be improved alertness for different elements like residents, objects or equipment used in the aged care environment, employees, and visitors when performing cleaning services during day hours at an aged care facility.

Cleaners are expected to pay much attention to details because of the risk of slipping or falling that can lead to possible injuries. They should know of the obstructions like buckets, power cords, as well as other cleaning tools and keep them away from harm’s way while doing their job.

2. Complying With Health and Safety Regulations of the Industry

Cleaning company, such as Trusted Aged Care Cleaninghas the right experience regarding satisfying cleaning requirements safety, health, and hygiene in these environments. This is a very important aspect of health and safety awareness when you know of the infectious micro-organisms that are transmissible via cross-contamination.

Cleaning processes are implemented to reduce the risk of spreading disease or infections. Adult care facilities often receive unexpected visits and audit to make sure that they follow the quality of principles given by government legislation in 2014 and using the right cleaning service provider near you is very advantageous.

3. Working around Individuals

Cleaners are part of the daily routine of an adult care facility. They are required to exercise discretion especially on the privacy of residents, be polite during interaction with others, and be cautious of any medical assistance that may require to be reported as they will come in contact with adult care workers, visitors, as well as residents regularly.

4. Personal Protective Equipment

Putting on the right personal protective gear as well as clothing is important to stick to health and safety regulations. Workers must be properly trained in the right use of personal protective gear which includes safety glasses, safety shoes, gloves, face masks & shields, and gowns and aprons.

5. Coughing and Illness Etiquette

Many diseases or illnesses are gotten as a result of coughing or direct personal contact. Cleaning workers must communicate with their superiors if they don’t feel well or have any recognized infection. The cleaning company must have enough workers to cover the absence of sick workers.

Extra Tips to Choosing the Best Aged Care Cleaning Company

  • Obtain Referrals from Family & Friends: Start asking your family and friend about the company they use as referrals will give you more insight into what a company stands for, and not just the information on their website (in reality, a company can put up anything). Companies can portray themselves as amazing, experienced, and credible for aged care cleaning, but a referral from a family or friend can say otherwise and even more insightful.
  • Bonding, Insurance, and Staff’s Compensation: Does the company possess the ability to cover the cost of any possible damage that may occur to your facility, any theft, or if anyone gets injured on your property? If they lack this coverage, you could be responsible financially for lost items, injured staff, or property. A company should be ready to reveal to you if they have this coverage and provide copies of their insurance to support their claim upon your request.Now, know that this increases the cost of operating a service company, which then increases the service rates per hour per job. However, this policy level is valuable, especially when you are bringing in a stranger to your home, and could be responsible for anything that goes wrong; don’t forget, anything can happen in this world we live in.
  • Take Online Reviews Lightly: Happy people don’t often write many reviews, unlike unhappy people who feel the need to share their bad experiences with the rest of the world. Don’t forget, mostly, those reviews are from people using that as an avenue to be angry, tell a story more than it is, or try to soil the reputation of the company.

    If the reviews on a company are ALL negative, that is certainly a warning signal, but if most of their reviews are good and just a few bad ones, that’s very much an average. No company or person is perfect.

  • Service Offerings: Does the cleaning company accept requests or offer a fixed service? How deep will they get? Based on your cleaning requirement, ask them what level of service they offer. If you can personalize it, and hire someone to come and handle some of your tasks for you; or if you receive similar service at every visit regardless of your cleaning requirement; or, if you can perform a combined service. Companies offer different options, none are either right or wrong; you need to just discover what perfectly matches your needs as well as your lifestyle.
  • Experience, Affiliations & Accreditations: How long has the cleaning service provider been in the business? Has the company ever been awarded, accredited, or affiliated with professional organizations? I like to check this out because it gives me more assurance that a company is reliable and protects its reputation.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: Make sure you ask about damage, breakage, as well as satisfaction guarantees as a company is expected to give support to its work and its employees. If you as a client is not satisfied, what is the company ready to do for you, how will you makeup for it? Things will get out of hand, it is normal.

    Being highly responsive, sincerely apologetic, and take action to fix anything regardless of the cost is the best way to handle it. This sounds too much, and I know some companies don’t practice it. They rather tell the customer to claim it under their own homeowner’s policy or condemn it as an unavoidable mistake.

  • Terms of Service:  Figure out the canceling or service modification policy of your company. This policy is crucial so that you don’t get charged any hidden fees. Some companies charge customers for canceling because rescheduling cleaners at the last minute can be difficult, and the company will have no choice but to cover their lost wages. So, knowing this information beforehand will let you make a better plan and get ready for any reservation issues.

Experienced Aged Care Cleaners

Our aged care cleaning service includes competitive pricing, a quality standard of cleaning as well as a great service experience. Your site manager will perform weekly quality assurance surveys and monthly cleaning audits using the outlined cleaning schedule for your facility, to make sure your criteria and standards are kept to your satisfaction.

The purpose of our quality assurance procedure is to make sure that any arising issues are tackled before they ever happen, and if you need our attention on any issue or any emergency cleaning situation that requires swift handling, we give quick response to issues with a definite response time under four (4) hours.

Our tested and trusted expertise in Adult Care cleaning and retirement home cleaning in Melbourne understand the difference involved in performing specialized cleaning services to aged care facilities as well as retirement homes.