Aged Care Cleaning

Procedures that Professionals Follow While Conducting Aged Care Cleaning

The older populace is more susceptible to different types of infection, much due to their weakened immune systems and different chronic medical conditions. That is why, when it comes to cleaning the aged care facilities, the professionals in charge of aged care cleaning in and around Melbourne like any other place follow a definitive procedure to ensure comprehensive hygiene and eliminate any risk of infection spread out amongst the inmates. They would follow strong, formalised cleaning procedures to meet and even exceed the set cleanliness regulations for aged care facilities. On this page, let us discuss the procedures that these professional aged care cleaning experts in and around Melbourne would take while serving.

Comprehensive Disinfection of the Surfaces

The cleaning professionals would conduct thorough cleaning of every type of surface, including the floors to uphold and ensure overall environmental hygiene in the aged care facilities. The floors and other surfaces, if not cleaned, turn out to be easy breeding grounds for various dangerous pathogens, which subsequently contaminate the high touch objects. They would use high quality microfibre cloths for cleaning and disinfecting. While vacuuming, they would ensure that the rooms are well ventilated. They pay special attention to the high touch surfaces doors. Door knobs, windows, dressers and the likes.

Repeated Cleaning of Bathroom and Other Moisture-Prone Areas

Professionals of every reputed Melbourne Aged Care Cleaning Company would pay more attention to areas that are exposed to moisture, as they tend to be happy breeding grounds for bacteria. While they clean the ensuite bathrooms at least once in a day, they would clean the communal bathrooms more frequently. Besides the floors and the walls, the cleaning custodians would also sanitise the toilets, toilet seats, the washbasins and sinks, the tubs and the shower and shower area.

Wet and Dry Mopping

They would also conduct dry mopping, which is also called the dust mopping, prior to wet mopping. This reduces the risk of the mop water getting contaminated even before the cleaning is done with.

Disinfection of biohazards and Waste Disposal

Exposure to body fluids like vomit and blood increases the risk of infection by manifold. Therefore, the cleaners from any aged care cleaning company near Albert Park would remove and sanitise the areas affected with absolute priority and haste to prevent any spread of infection, with the use of specialised spill mops. These mops turn liquids to gels to prevent leaks and eliminate the risk abruptly.

The cleaners of any aged care facility in Albert Park or elsewhere near Melbourne have to encounter 3 types of wastes – general, pharmaceutical and clinical. The professionals would use three separate bins and three separate procedures when it comes to waste disposal, to maintain hygiene.

Maintenance of Laundry and other equipment

They would change the resident linens weekly and as and when they get soiled. They would store the soiled and dirty linens in separate bins before they are dispatched to be laundered. They would sanitise the cleaning equipment and disinfect them daily.
These cleaning professionals conducting aged care cleaning would wear PPEs when dealing with hazardous substances. While on one hand it will protect them from undue exposure to cleaning agents, it will also prevent infection spread.

Scheduling and Maintenance of Records

This is one the most important steps of aged care cleaning. The professionals would document every cleaning technique to ensure the supervisors that every necessary cleaning activity is conducted and completed to the set standards and regulations.

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