Aged Care Covid 19 Cleaning

What to Expect From Professionals Offering Aged Care Covid 19 Facility Cleaning?

The elderly are more vulnerable to Covid 19 virus because of their weakened immune systems. It is imperative to maintain good hygiene standards to protect them from viral infections. Aged care facilities are expected to abide by proper hygiene and cleanliness standards to reduce the risks of patients getting infected by the deadly virus.

It may sometimes be difficult for old age homes to keep up with the latest cleaning protocols amidst this pandemic situation. Therefore it is wise to hire professional aged care covid 19 cleaners to maintain the hygiene requirements.

Listed below are few factors that you can expect from professional aged care Covid cleaners in Melbourne:

  • Maintenance of personal hygiene standards: Every staff of the cleaning company strictly maintains personal hygiene. They ensure top-notch hygiene standards when dealing with elderly patients. Every cleaner wears a certified PPE kit while cleaning the facility to prevent the spread of the contagious virus.
  • Cleaning Aged homes by maintaining necessary safety protocols: Professionals offering Aged Care COVID disinfection in Melbourne ensures every nook and corner of the facility is thoroughly cleaned with disinfectants and sanitisers. They take necessary measures to clean all types of surfaces that are exposed to virus-carrying respiratory droplets. Equipment used by the staff are thoroughly sterilised to prevent Covid outbreak in the future.
  • Routine cleaning of all touched surfaces: Touched surfaces can be divided into the ones that are frequently touched and the ones that are rarely touched. Frequently touched surfaces include light switches, tabletops, bedrails, doorbells, and door handles. Cleaning companies ensure that these surfaces are disinfected regularly. They use safe and industry-grade detergents and disinfectants to clean such surfaces.

    On the other hand, rarely touched surfaces such as binds, windows, curtains, walls and ceilings do not require daily cleaning. However necessary disinfection of these places is vital when they appear dirty. Cleaners use detergent solutions and industry-grade vacuum cleaners to clean such surfaces.

  • Disinfection: Professional service providers for Aged Care COVID cleaning in Melbourne
    understand that it is essential to disinfect a surface after repetitive usage. A casual cleaning approach may still leave some virus left on the cleaned surface. They use quality readymade disinfectants or make chlorine-based bleach to completely disinfect surfaces from any further virus spread.

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Our services include complete covid-19 disinfection of your premises and we offer prompt response in less than 12 hours. Our consistent and reliable daily cleaning services are compliant with the health and safety protocols and that’s the reason why we have emerged as industry leading Covid-19 cleaners in Melbourne you can blindly rely upon.

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