Is COVID clean a deep clean?
Yes, it is deep cleaning where our cleaners apply commercial grade disinfectant to kill the Covid-19 virus. In the Covid cleaning service, our cleaners follow all the safety guidelines. They wear the necessary protective gear such as PPE kits, face shields, goggles, masks etc. and manually disinfect all the high touch areas.

How soon can I book a COVID clean?

All you need to do is just give us a call and tell us the time you feel convenient. Our cleaners will reach your place for the disinfection service at that time.

Is Vacuuming and mopping part of COVID clean?

Vacuuming and mopping are included as an additional service in your Aged Care and Covid -19
Disinfection plan. Please call us to know more about what we do and how we do the cleaning.

Can I be assured that after the aged care disinfection, I will be safe in my room?

Yes, we ensure 100% disinfection in our Aged Care and Covid -19 Disinfection packages and on completion of the service you will be safe because we do not use harmful chemicals in our cleaning service.

Can anyone do The COVID deep clean?

No, we do not recommend a DIY or anything of sorts because Covid cleaning requires expertise. The cleaning professionals will need to find out and manually disinfect all the high touch areas. But since our cleaners at Trusted Aged Care Cleaning are skilled, they will do all of these with precision.

Are your chemicals effective and will kill the CORONAVIRUS?

Absolutely it is.
We use Netbiokem as the safe Covid cleaning agent as it can neutralise the coronavirus within 2 minutes. Moreover, it’s a TGA and DHHS approved solution.

Is carpet steam cleaning included and necessary in the Covid clean?

Yes, carpet steam cleaning is included in our Covid-19 disinfection service, and yes, it is necessary because the virus can live for many days in all types of surfaces including the carpet, which is difficult to clean. So, to make your place free of the virus, we will do a steam cleaning of your carpet.

What do the cleaners do in the cleaning services?

Our cleaners at Trusted Aged Care Cleaning will reach your place and will inspect the areas first.
If you have opted for an Aged Care Cleaning Service, our cleaners will guide the elderly away from the cleaning area to the other rooms so that cleaning can be completed without hassles.

Will the cleaners use their own equipment?

Yes, our cleaners will always use their own equipment for cleaning your place. Additionally, we use high-quality tools that are designed to spray the cleaning solutions effectively to kill the coronavirus.

Will the cleaners arrive on time?

Yes, our cleaners are never late, and they will arrive at your destination on time, and before the arrival, they will notify for your convenience.

I have already booked the service. Can I change the time of booking?

Yes, you can but for, that please talk to our customer service executives.

Can I opt for the Covid Cleaning service on weekends?

Yes, you can. We are open 7 days a week. So, booking the service on weekends or holidays is never a problem.

How do you deal with damages if caused during the cleaning?

During cleaning, our expert cleaners always stay alert to avoid damages. Other than that, our cleaners are licensed and insured.

Do I need to be home during the cleaning?

Though you do not need to be in your home and just handing over your keys will be enough, we recommend you to stay home or with the elderly, if you have opted for the Aged Care Cleaning Service as a safety precaution.

What is the price of the Aged Care Cleaning and Covid-19 Disinfection service?

To get a quote or to solve your queries related to our cleaning service, call us today and executives will help you with everything.

Will the same cleaner visit every time?

Yes. This is because, one a cleaning professional strikes a rapport with the recipient of the aged care, we do not want to break it. Plus, a personal bondage between the cleaner and the aged care recipients helps in the creation of that ‘feel good’ factor for both.

What is the cost of the cleaning?

The cost depends upon the size and dimension of the aged care facility and the extent of cleaning that is needed. Nevertheless, it is never a very high cost.

What if I will be away on the day of the cleaning?

You need to inform us at least one day prior to the appointment.

Do I need to be present at my home during the cleaning?

Yes! Since aged care cleaning is a specialised cleaning service, you need to be there at you home, letting us know about the specifics of the cleaning that you need to follow.

What happens if the cleaner breaks or damages any of my assets?

Firstly, all our cleaners are trained and experienced to maintain utmost care and compassion to carry out the cleaning and ensure safety and security of your assets. However, if any asset gets damaged or broken, we are a fully insured company and hence you will get compensation.

What happens if any of the assets gets missing?

All our cleaners are bonded, police-verified and backgrounds checked and hence are the most trustworthy ones to let in for cleaning. Hence, you do not have to worry about it. However, in the event of any loss of property, we will judge it and take appropriate steps to compensate you.